Switch Network Installer

Yet businesses around the world are working to shore up their defenses against high-tech enemies at the proverbial gate by hiring cybersecurity analysts to research hackers' methods through a process called cyberthreat intelligence.

The cost of cyberattacks around the world has risen from $445 billion in 2014 to $600 billion, or 0.8% of the global GDP, according to a 2018 study conducted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

With all signs pointing to the problem only getting worse as free or cheap toolkits make cyberattacks easier to conduct, experts in the field are often tasked with creating risk assessments that help small businesses find any potential weaknesses.

Since the digital landscape is constantly shifting, cyberthreat intelligence requires highly skilled individuals who can keep up with the changes and alert clients of potential threats before they happen.

The Switch Network Installer and Repairman’s primary duty is installing, rearranging, or removing switching. The Switch Network Installer and Repairman Job Description also includes tasks such as monitoring the distribution, routing, dialing, and switching equipment utilized in the facility.

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