Software-Defined WAN

Comcast Business, which uses Versa's technology for its software-defined networking (SDN) ActiveCore platform and SD-WAN, is thinking along the same lines. While Comcast Business' Jeff Lewis, vice president for software-defined networking, didn't specifically mention Versa, he did say customers have been asking about a home-based SD-WAN service.

"I have my team working on it right now," Lewis said. "We believe that we're very strongly positioned with our broadband assets.

 "There's absolutely a need to support individuals at home with very robust transport, very robust voice services, for example, or something that you could package with things we have on the truck right now. And you'll be seeing some things from Comcast that are very straightforward, very simple, but really fits and hits the need of what people need in order to support home-based work. That's an easy one, if you will. "

Lewis said businesses that have multi-site SD-WAN want employees that are now working from home to have a persistent VPN experience. Comcast has spoken to customers about items that it already has on service techs' trucks to enable a "branch-in-the-box" solution for home offices.

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