Printer Technician

Having considered the basic mechanism, let’s look at a series of events which take place before the paper is printed out.

Once you hit the command to print on the computer, the software you are using sends the instruction to another software within the computer known as the driver.
The driver converts the instructions in a form that the printer can work on, and performs a few checks to ascertain if the printer is available and ready to carry out the process.
The instructions are then sent to the printer through a connection such as Bluetooth, USB, or SCSC.
Upon receiving the instructions, the printer stores them in a special memory known as a buffer before execution.
At this point, the control circuit triggers the paper feed stepper motor, which causes the rollers to start feeding the paper into the printer from the input tray. When the paper tray is out of paper, a special trigger system sends a message through the display on the printer and to the computer to notify the user.
When the paper is in position, the print head starts moving about the length of the paper, spraying the ink as controlled by the motor through the belt. The movement is programmed in a way that the motor moves the head every fraction of a second after the spraying the ink,  as instructed by the computer.
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The printer can make thousands of dots per stop with a variety of colors depending on the color capabilities of the printer.
Upon finishing the length of the paper, the head can be reset to the beginning or reverse its direction until all the details are printed on the paper.
The time, speed, and efficiency of the printer vary on a variety of factors which vary between models. Upon completion, the head is retrieved and packed as the roller motor drives the rollers to expel the paper onto the tray.

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