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Unlike the Technology Adoption Lifecycle or “Crossing the Chasm” model with which you may already be familiar, Gartner created the Hype Cycle to measure and predict expectations regarding new technologies. In other words, Gartner found that for any new technology, peoples’ reactions to it follow the same pattern, no matter whether the technology is the Internet, through silicon via, NoC or even fire and the wheel. The key here is people. By understanding the reactions of people to new technologies, we can better predict the adoption of new technologies and make smarter product planning (and even personal purchasing) decisions.
  1. The Technology Trigger phase is when word of a new technology generates industry interest. Market buzz builds to a loud crescendo.

  2. Then we reach the Peak of Inflated Expectations where visionary companies adopt the technology and push it to its limits.

  3. However, these companies become impatient as they realize the new technology is not a panacea for all their problems. The new technology is characterized as having poor performance, slow industry adoption, and the lack of a clear value proposition. As industry experts and the media emphasize these challenges rather than the opportunities of the technology, we enter the Trough of Disillusionment.

  4. As early adopters gain experience with the new technology, best practices emerge about how to use it. As an example, we can see that NoC technology is on the Slope of Enlightenment.

  5. Then, as the real-world value of the technology becomes accepted by the industry, more companies adopt the technology. A herd mentality starts which results in quick adoption and penetration of the technology. This is the Plateau of Productivity.

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