Network Engineering

Industrial IoT is poised to revolutionize manufacturing with intelligent operations and automated processes across devices and machines. But it also increases security risk on a scale we’ve never seen before. 

Is your security team prepared to address evolving threats – where defense through traditional segmentation of business and process controls systems is proving inadequate? Do you have the necessary protection to ensure compliance? 

Your organization may have been compliant at one point in time or you may have a need to become compliant. But as you grow, so does your network. Your users now want – rather expect – to be mobile 24/7, in the cloud. With those expectations come increased security risk. Isolating your sensitive data and systems can help manage that risk by making it far more difficult for would-be attackers to move laterally within your network.

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Network Segmentation: A Case Study
With the right design, network segmentation can reduce the probability of data exfiltration as well as lighten your organization’s overall compliance load. How? Network segmentation reduces attack surface making it more difficult for attackers to move laterally. These days, breaches are almost a certainty so limiting their impact is paramount. A discovery process helps us identify the best way to accomplish that.

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