Network Engineer

Some people prefer jobs later in the life cycles of networks – they would rather provide technical support or handle daily operations as network administrators. If you wish to puzzle out front-end problems regarding planning and design, you’re a good candidate for network engineering.

So how do you get started? What steps can you take to get your career in network engineering underway? Here are a few tips to help you kickstart your career of choice.

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Hit the Books
Schooling is essential to becoming a network engineer and you should focus on areas like computer science, computer engineering, or information systems. Generally speaking, a bachelor’s degree is sufficient when paired with appropriate work experience (say, as a network administrator – see below).

That said, some companies may prefer additional education when hiring network engineers, such as a master’s degree in one of the fields listed above, or alternately, in business. You’ll simply have to consider the job opportunities available when planning your educational path.

Get Certified
In truth, certifications generally aren’t required for network engineering any more than they are for creating a business continuity plan. Once you have your degrees and some experience under your belt, certifications are merely icing on the cake.

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