Managed DDoS Service

One of the first known and publicly documented DDoS attacks, although documentations vary, happened in September, 1996 against Panix, New York City’s oldest Internet service provider. A SYN flood was used to exhaust available network connections and prevent legitimate users to connecting to Panix servers. It took about 36 hours of frantic work by a globe-spanning group of Internet specialists to finally regain control of the Panix domains. In 2005, the “” domain name was hijacked again over a US long holiday weekend. It wrecked havoc for customers and Panix staff worked around the clock over the weekend to recover services after the rug was pulled out from under its business.

Denial of service attack definition:

The next major milestone was the use of DDoS by the Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT). Originating in the 90s, and attracting the attention of the media by the end of the decade, the hacktivist group described DDoS as akin to a “virtual sit-in.” One thing that separated them from their predecessors was their use of tools developed in-house, which allowed anyone outside of the organisation to join in. Their kit, called FloodNet, directed a user’s traffic to a target predetermined by the EDT, which included the websites of politicians and the White House. Those wishing to join the “sit-in” simply selected their target from a drop down menu, clicked attack, and waited while FloodNet automatically bombarded the offending server.

The biggest protest movement against the Church of Scientology was conducted by Anonymous in The Project Chanology that originated from the church’s attempt to remove the material from the highly-publicized interview of Tom Cruise, a prominent member of the church, on the internet in January 2008. It started with a YouTube “Message to Scientology” on January 21, 2008 and was followed by distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), prank calls, black faxes and other methods due to their views of internet censorship implemented by Scientology. This was the result (seen on

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