Level 2 PC Technician

When you buy a computer or phone, it usually comes with preinstalled software.

Some of them are useful, while others are just downright annoying as they can cause your device to run slowly, freeze, or crash. They can also drain the processor and battery, while hogging some of your precious storage space.

These often never-used additional software programs installed on your device’s operating system commonly include multimedia, security, internet, utilities, and productivity tools.

The common technical term for this type of software is bloatware.

What Is Bloatware?

Bloatware, which is also known as junkware, crapware, and shovelware, is the technical term given to software that consumes more than its fair share of system resources and disk space on your computer or phone, such that it affects its performance and storage space.

These unwieldy apps usually come in three different sets: software suites installed by the device manufacturer, your network provider, or apps and content that third parties have paid to pre-install on your device.

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