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What Is a Contingent Job Offer?

A contingency is a caveat or exception to the agreed upon terms of a contract or offer. In employment, a contingent job offer means the employer has presented you with an offer, verbally or in writing, but the company has covered itself in the event it discovers information that impedes your ability to do the job. Many job offers are contingent on a few common factors.

The primary purpose of a contingent job offer is to serve the interests of the employer. Once a hiring manager identifies the best prospect for a position, he wants to communicate the intent to hire to protect against losing the candidate to another employer. However, the hiring manager is often restricted in his ability to make an immediate offer because of standard human resource procedures. The contingent offer allows for prompt communication to the new hire, but also gives the company an out if a background check turns up problems.

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Background Check
One of the most common job offer contingencies centers on the background check. Many employers hire third-party agents to conduct an extensive check of your previous employment, credit, criminal history and driving record. This process can take two to three weeks, which is why the contingent offer is normally made before the check is completed. If the employer uncovers criminal problems or other character problems that a person didn't disclose or that pose a problem, the offer may be rescinded.

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