IT Engineer

The thing about technology is it changes so fast. The programming skills taught just a few years ago at university are probably out of date now. So it’s important to commit yourself to a lifetime of learning.

Michael Golden, Vice-President of Education at Microsoft, says “Success comes through hard work, being a lifelong learner, and finding inspiration in what you so.”

Make sure you keep up with changes in your chosen field – read industry magazines, website and blogs. Many IT companies, including Microsoft, run programs for both students and IT professionals to help them keep up with new applications for their technology.

If you’re studying IT, it’s probably been a hobby of yours for some time. And playing around with hardware or software is really the only way to be a technology leader in the future.

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In fact, as one Developer Executive admits; “most high-tech software companies have been started by a student in a dorm room somewhere. Time and again, we’ve seen students lead technology shifts. (They) are the ones who get to engage with technology and make it real for us.”

So keep pushing the boundaries of innovation in your spare time – and you may end up creating the next Yahoo!, Google or Facebook.

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