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Steps to becoming an independent freelance engineer

You’re good at your job, you’re respected by your colleagues, and you enjoy your work.

But you think about freedom and independence – being your own boss with the benefits that brings. But it’s tempered by that one obvious thought – how would I fare without a salaried income?

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Here’s the good news – becoming a successful freelance engineer is more realistic than you may expect.

Reach your decision point
You need to feel comfortable making the decision. Talk it over with your family and friends. Why do you want to become an independent consultant? What advantages will it have over salaried employment? You will have the confidence to succeed once you’ve thought about it, talked it over and made your choice.

Assess market needs and determine your offering. Think about your current job. What truly unique value do you bring to a project?

This is your ticket to success in the consulting world.

New freelance engineering consultants can make two mistakes:

1) They market unrealistically diverse skill sets

2) They fail to focus on their differentiated niche skills

Focus on your most developed skills and your most tangible value-add; don’t pretend to be an expert at everything because the market wants specialists.

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