DHCP Engineer

The host in any network can be assigned the IP address manually or dynamically. In a small home network having 2 or 3 computers, we can assign the IP addresses manually but imagine a network having hundreds of computer and you have to assign the IP addresses to all of them. It can be a nightmare for network administrators!!

No two hosts can have the same IP address and assigning them IP address manually can lead to errors and confusion. So, to resolve this problem DHCP is needed. The DHCP is needed to simplify the assignment of IP addresses on a network. So, let's learn more about DHCP as we go through this blog.

Know more: what is dhcp and how it works?

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a network management protocol that is used to dynamically assign the IP address and other information to each host on the network so that they can communicate efficiently. DHCP automates and centrally manages the assignment of IP address easing the work of network administrator. In addition to the IP address, the DHCP also assigns the subnet masks, default gateway and domain name server(DNS) address and other configuration to the host and by doing so, it makes the task of network administrator easier.

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