Cyber Security Consultants

While a prevention layer around your network is important, don't forget you need detection and response practices to deal with threats once they’re in your systems – and to mitigate their effects quickly and thoroughly.

Basically, an old-school firewall just isn’t going to cut it, though we all know that.

Who is a Cyber Security Consultant?

With such a heavy focus on detection and response now, it makes huge sense to start thinking about how to oversee these operations, especially in increasingly complex cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

That’s where managed detection and response (MDR) comes in. As an approach, managed detection and response aims to help a system more closely track threats across systems, deployed across your system but monitoring and managing your existing real estate of tools and solutions.

With an emphasis on tracking specific security events and employing analytics on those events, managed detection and response is a great way to compliment your security team’s existing skills with those of a managed provider who can go deep in all the areas they’ll need to.

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