Computer Repairer

Computers are essential to your business and are an integral part of your operation. No matter how good technology is, there are issues that happen. There’s Hardware, The operating system, drivers for all your devices and multiple applications. They don’t always play well together. No matter how hard you try, problems and hiccups with these computers and their related systems are bound to happen. Whether it’s hardware or software, these issues can be costly and annoying. Many of these problems have simple solutions and are no cause for alarm. For everything else, we are here to resolve all your network and technology needs.

We have listed common issues that can be resolved with troubleshooting so you can get back to business.

My Computer Won’t Turn On
A computer that suddenly shuts off or has difficulty starting up most likely has a failing power supply. Check that your computer is plugged in properly, then plug in another device in the same outlet to test to identify if it is the machine or outlet that is causing the issue.

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My Computer Keeps Restarting
Hardware problems can often be difficult to diagnose and solve. First, make sure that it’s not the latest set of Windows updates that are being installed, which can automatically restart your computer as part of the installation process. If your computer continues to restart, be sure that the fans are clean and clear of any dust and debris as many modern computers have safeguards in place that will shut your computer down to prevent overheating. Otherwise, listen for any strange noises and be cognizant that your computer may be under attack from adware or malware. If this is the case, I would recommend giving our computer support help desk a call.

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