CompTIA Project Certification

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)- This is the best-known cloud security certification in the industry for 20 years and is probably treated as the de-facto standard in IT security certifications. The certification related course covers a broad range of cloud-related topics, such as cloud application security and cloud platform security from depth. It’s not an easy course to pass and the exam tests the individual to the core of his/her knowledge.

Cloud Security of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)- CCSK certification is dedicated to cloud security and covers a lot of technicalities like CCSP. It is offered by the Cloud Security Alliance and is considered as a lighter version of CCSP by industry professionals. The most interesting fact is that the study material related to CCSK is available freely on the internet and is also available on request on LinkedIn related groups of cloud security. Moreover, an IT professional with this CCSK knowledge doesn’t require an experience certificate, unlike CCSP. The fee to write a CCSK exam is only $350 USD. So, if you want to become an entry level professional with middle-level security knowledge in cloud platforms, this seems to be the best alternative.

What about the ​CompTIA Project+ Certifications?

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